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The Open Boardroom

Dec 20, 2018

Jason Brown currently serves as the Interim Director for the Carnegie Science Center, an iconic science and education destination in Pittsburgh. Prior to managing this sprawling organization and its ever-changing programs, exhibits, and initiatives, Jason was an educator and a business owner, and he draws upon those experiences each day to move the organization forward. In this podcast, Jason and I talk about: -The challenges of managing a large organization with multiple teams and departments -How the Carnegie Science Center mixes their brick & mortar programs with broader outreach to serve stakeholder inside and outside of the center itself -How teaching on an Indian reservation changed his perspective on education forever -What he has learned about the nonprofit space and how he grapples with everything from funding to measuring the impact of a program Jason is quite the storyteller and his perspective will be insightful for business owners and nonprofit leaders alike. Note: During the show, we spend a few minutes talking about Jason’s RocketBook, his physical-to-digital journal that he uses to keep himself and his teams on the same page.