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The Open Boardroom

Feb 14, 2019

John Pojeta and I have worked together for several years now. As we have done a range of work for the PT Services Group, I have gotten to know John and have had the fortune of learning from his deep experience in sales and business growth. John got his start as a financial advisor, grew a business, and then transitioned into his current role as VP of Business Development for the PT Services Group, a Pittsburgh-based appointment setting firm with clients in every corner of the United States.

In this podcast, John and I talk about:

-Appointment setting and its role in business growth

-Learning to sell and how to continue improving

-What he’s learned from his own work and from his clients

-Trends in sales and growth that impact businesses of all types

-The role that content plays in PT’s marketing efforts

John has a ton of knowledge to share, and I’m excited that we got to capture some of that in this episode.

To learn more about John, connect with him on LinkedIn:

To learn more about the PT Services Group, visit their website: