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The Open Boardroom

May 19, 2016

Finishing law school is not easy, but it turns out that learning law is only one piece of the puzzle in becoming a successful lawyer. In Mitch Dugan's case, establishing a lasting practice meant learning to become a business owner, taking on everything from hiring staff, managing personnel, and directing a complex mix of marketing initiatives in an extremely competitive landscape. Mitch's story is a familiar one to small business owners, so even if you aren't pursuing a career in law the lessons and insights that Mitch has learned from growing his business could apply to your own work. He's had to find creative solutions to everyday challenges and has had to work diligently to stand out from a vocal crowd of competitors. There's a lot of great material in this episode. I know that I learned a lot from it, and I think you will too. Music credits: Song Title: Droplet — Artist: Jeremy L